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Frequently Asked Questions
Planning & executing cinema campaign
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What factors determine the cost of a cinema advertising campaign?

The final cost of cinema advertising is dependent on a number of factors. These factors are:
  Type of theatre: Multiplex or Single Screen; Multiplex screens usually charge more than single screens. Ticket prices will also give you an insight to advertising rates, as the two of them will be proportional.
  Location: Premium locations will charge a higher rate.
  Seating capacity of the hall: The higher the seating capacity, greater the rate.
  Ad Format: Different formats demand different charges.
  Film category: Advertising in blockbuster films will cost you more.

What is conversion?

Prior to ads being displayed on the screen, they need to be digitally converted to compatible formats; slides and videos are normally coded in JPEG and .mov formats, but since these formats are not compatible with the projectors, they need to be converted to compatible formats such as J2K, MPEG4, and UFO formats. This process is known as conversion.

What is a censor certificate?

A censor certificate is a certificate from the censor board that certifies that the video is suitable for view by the audience.

What does the term 'number of seats' quantify?

'Number of seats' is the measure of the maximum seating capacity of a cinema hall.

What is the difference between a Multiplex and a Single Screen theatre?

A Multiplex houses multiple screens in the same location, and has the ability to show more than one film at a time whereas a Single Screen theatre houses a single screen which evidently cannot play multiple films at the same time.

Which time of the day should I place my Ad?

Your Ad placement depends upon your target audience.If there are the working class then peak hours will do the needful.If you want to target the home makers then you need to advertise during the afternoon hours.

What exactly is the reach of a screen?

The reach of a screen is the estimated occupancy of the hall. Suppose a hall can house 130 people, but only 80-90 people have turned up, the reach of the hall would be 60-70%. Generally, blockbusters enjoy a higher reach, as do weekend screenings of films.

What are the different varieties of slides in cinema advertising?

There are 2 varieties of slides in cinema advertising. They are:   Mute Slides: Mute slides run for 10 or 20 seconds depending on your choice. These slides contain pictures of the product/service but no accompanying music.   Audio Slides: Audio slides also run for either 10 or 20 seconds, based on your specifications. These slides contain pictures of the product/service with an accompanying piece of music/voice-over.

Is there any way to see my ads being displayed?

Most multiplexes will issue an Inspection Pass for you, which allows you to enter the auditorium to view your ads. Bear in mind that this pass doesn't assign you to a seat, and cannot be used for viewing the film. Single screens do not issue an inspection pass, but instead provide you with a log report, which contains a log of when your ads were played. This is generated at the end of the campaign.

How do I get a censor certificate?

A censor certificate will cost you Rs.7000, and it will take you no more than 10 days to get one.

Will releaseMyAd help me in planning my campaign?

ReleaseMyAd houses several experts that can assist you in creating a media plan that will assist your campaign.

How to select the best screen?

Ideally, the best screen is the one that has the highest seating capacity. However, you need to keep in mind which screen is frequented by your target group. The media planners at releaseMyAd can assist you in determining these factors.

Can my campaign start any day? What is the minimum duration for a campaign?

Campaigns always start on a Friday and end on Thursdays. The minimum duration for a campaign is 7 days.

Can I select which films and which shows my ads will be displayed in?

Since the hall schedules are only provided to us a day before the release, selecting the film of your choice might incur extra charges, but it is possible to advertise to the audiences of a film of your choice. However, you cannot choose which shows to advertise to, as ads run in all the shows.

Once I have finalized the plan, what is the next step?

You can easily book your Ads in any radio station of your preferred location via the following process:
  Select Ad Format, City ,Ad Duration and Ad placement
  Share your information to get list of cinema screens and their rates.
  Select the screens and Compose Ad
  Select Date, Preview Ad details and Make Payment to get your Ads LIVE.

What are my payment options?

There are a number of payment options that are available, and you can choose the one with which you are most comfortable. The payment options are:
  Online Options: Net Banking, Credit and Debit cards – MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card.
  Offline Options: Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts, and Cash Collection from home/office.
  National Electronic Funds Transfer ( NEFT)

What proof do I receive of the fact that my ads are being played?

We would provide you with a log report at the end of the campaign. You will receive the log report within 10 days from the campaign expiry date. You receive the Inspection pass on the first Monday since the start of your campaign.

How many days in advance do I need to clear payment?

Please clear payment at least 2 days before your campaign is supposed to start. If the attainment of a censor certificate is involved, please clear payment at least 12 days before the campaign.

When is my ad played?

On-Screen Cinema Ads are usually featured at the beginning and during intervals of a movie.

How many times a day will my Ads be featured on the cinema screen?

Your on-screen cinema ad would be played minimum 3 times per day for 4 weeks on one screen.

Can I start my campaign in middle of the week?

No, the campaigns can only start on a Friday and end on a Thursday.

When the rate is Rs. 3500, what services am I getting?

In Video advertising, this means that your ad will run for a minimum of 3 times a day in one screen for one week.
With regard to slides, it means that your ad will run 4 times in one screen for 4 weeks for non blockbuster films, and 3 weeks for blockbuster films.
However, ad creation charges differ.

How much does ad format conversion cost?

Ad format conversion cost is Rs. 2000 for slides, and Rs. 6000 for video.

How do I get a censor certificate?

A censor certificate will cost you Rs.7000, and it will take you no more than 10 days to get one.

Do rates vary across cinemas and screens?

Yes, the rates are dependent on which cinema and which screen you wish to book.

How much is the tax charged on cinema advertising?

The tax charged is 14%, and it falls under Service Tax.

What can be the ad length?

Mute Slides: 10s or 20s.
Audio Slides: 10s or 20s.
Video: 20s, 30s, 45s, 60s.

Can you help us with ad creation?

We develop captivating slides grabbing your customers instantly and helping you enhance your brand recall value. You can also get your jingles for audio slides developed from Jingles India through us.

Why should I pay after providing my own creative?

The theatres charge a conversion cost of Rs 3,000 per on the ad creative provided.

Can I use more than 1 creative to promote my business?

Yes, but the changeover can only be done on on a Friday.