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City Pulse is ‘the’ luxury multiplex chain in Visnagar, Gujarat. With 5 screens, out of which one is dedicatedly let out only for private screenings and another shows movies only from Hollywood, it attracts the high and mighty of the city. Set in a tranquil landscape, City Pulse allows movie goers a sneak peek in the lap of nature. For fun and frolic in luxurious settings, City Pulse is your thing. 
Advertisers looking for subtlety and affluent patrons have a great platform in City Pulse for branding.
City Pulse is quite advertiser-friendly without diminishing the quality of its audiences’ viewing experiences. 

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Advertising Options

Frequently Asked Questions? We've got them answered

Media Planning Help

Based on your objectives and target market our experts suggest the best ad options across theatres suiting your budget.

Minimum Campaign Duration

You book Cinema Ads for a minimum of 7 days. Campaigns start on Fridays and end on Thursdays.

Schedule of Cinema Ads

On-screen cinema ads are played for a minimum 3 times per day per screen.You need to book your campaign for at least a week.

Booking Deadline

You need to book your Ad at least 2 days prior to the commencement of the ad campaign.

Tracking a Campaign

We issue an Inspection Pass for you to check your ads in person.

Final Proof of Execution

We provide you a broadcast report at the end of each campaign detailing the ad logs.

Cost Factors

Cost depends on: Type of theatre, location, seating capacity of the screen, Ad format and film category.

Censor Certificate

Censor Certificate for video commercials is mandatory.We can provide you with the censor certificate for an additional cost of Rs 6000.

Conversion of Cinema Ads

Ad creatives need to be converted to the on-screen format before its featured on the big screen.You can convert your Ads and share it with us or we can do it for you for Rs 2500(slides) & Rs 8000(videos).

3 Rates for 3 Ad Types

The ad rates for slides and video ads vary, Mute Slides are the cheapest followed by the Audio slides. Video Ads are the most expensive Ad formats.

Discounts for Cinema Ads

Discounts on Cinema Ads depend upon the volume of your ad buying. The more the volume, the lower is the ad rates.

Service Tax is Mandatory

A service charge of 14.50% is mandatory as levied by the government.

Ad Creative Development

If your bill amounts to Rs.50000 & we provide slides for free.Other than you need to pay the following as per your Ad format:

Mute Slides: Rs 5000

Audio Slides: Rs 8000

Video Commercials: Rs 14000

Edits to Ad Creatives

Once your ad creative is ready we share it with you for approval you can have maximum of 2 edits on per Ad creative.

Providing Ad Creative

Your file type should be in jpeg, jpg, png or gif for slide Ads and mpeg or mp4 for video commercials.

Advance Payment

Pay an advance of Rs. 2000 for Ad creative and the rest when confirming the campaign.

City Pulse is set in the lap of nature providing a tranquil environment for its clienteles. Along with its luxurious movie viewing experiences, City Pulse delivers you an affluent captivated audience who are extremely receptive to your brand messages. Moreover, the multiplex is known for providing integrated customised advertising solutions to sway your target audiences in your favour. City Pulse serves as a fabulous marketing platform that contributes to build-up a massive audience base and nurtures brand awareness. 
Advertising in City Pulse with us will benefit you as 
•    You reach affluent target groups in just 3 online steps. 
•    Our ad booking process is easy - choose your ad types, upload the creatives & make payments online.
•    Get lowest ad rates for City Pulse, discounts and special offers and more.
•    Our experts help you to plan your ad campaign to ensure your success.
releaseMyAd is your perfect partner for City Pulse audiences. Our team lends a hand at every step of your ad campaign. From the media planning stage, through the process of media buying to the end where you analyse the success of your ad campaign. For the maximum ROI with your City Pulse advertising contact us now.